Enterprising and dynamic businesses need variable spaces for them to grow. The concept of ‘one-size-for-all’ cannot be applied. Nucleus caters to this demand and provides tailored solution for most economic, efficient and professional way for working.

More Than Office

More than Just Office

  • A Place to touch down and get work done
  • Lounge for networking and meeting clients in a professional environment
  • Conference room, Seminar Hall equipped with latest multimedia technology
  • Ready to serve professional support staff

Private Office

Private Office

Fully equipped, ready to use private offices with different seating capacity for small and medium enterprises.

Shared Office

Shared Offices

Specifically tailored Co-Working space with all the amenities of modern workplace ideal for startups and entrepreneurs.

Virtual Office

Virtual Offices

Provision of mail and call forwarding facility and aiding small businesses and mobile professionals get a professional business presence.

Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms

Multiple conference rooms with Skype and latest video conferencing tools, meeting rooms for intensive team discussions a lounge for casual business chatter.



  • Variable rental options according to need.
  • Pay on Hourly basis, weekly or monthly terms.

Easy Pricing and so much to Gain

At Nucleus you enjoy all these following amenities


  • Modern ergonomic furniture providing a comfortable work space.
  • Complete furnishing from IKEA.
  • Professional business outlook giving your office a class.


  • Centralised HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning maintaining thermal comfort as per ASHRAE Standards.
  • Uninterrupted electrical power supply 24/7.
  • All utilities and maintenance cost billed at the end of the month.

IT and Telecom

  • High speed internet service provided by Transworld.
  • Local Area Network , WiFi , plug and play connections.
  • Local Telephone with option of international calling.
  • All facilities continually maintained and upgraded at intervals keeping up with the modern advancements.

Printing, Scanning and Fax

  • Centrally located print room.
  • Printers connected on network.
  • Sharp colour printouts and photocopies.
  • Scan and Fax service also provided.

Meeting Room

  • Multiple conference rooms with Skype and latest video conferencing tools.
  • Conference room Space for 8 person to 20 person.
  • Small meeting room for interviews and meetings.
  • Several comfortable lounge space for casual business chatter.


  • Every office is locked and access is granted with RFID cards.
  • Complete CCTV monitoring.
  • Building parameter secured by surveillance and armed guards.


  • Ample parking space in the building.
  • Cars given access via RFID control System.
  • Visitor parking entertained per request.

Services and Facilities

  • Guests entertained and shown way by our reception team.
  • Mail received by our reception team.
  • Access to administrative support, to help with tasks like document collection or arranging couriers.
  • Security, cleaning and general maintenance.
  • At nucleus you get flexible terms for your agreement. You can upsize or downsize your office space as per your needs.